Psychosocial risk factors at work. Identification, analysis and prevention

On October 23, 2019, NOM-035-STPS-2018 will enter into force, which aims to establish the elements to identify, analyze and prevent psychosocial risk factors, as well as promote a favorable organizational environment in the workplace.

What are the psychosocial risk factors?

Are those that can cause: anxiety disorders, non-organic sleep-wake cycle and severe stress and adaptation, derived from the nature of the functions of the job, the workday and exposure to severe traumatic events or acts of labor violence.

For whom does NOM-035-STPS-2018 apply?

  1. For work centers where up to 15 workers work.
  2. For work centers where between 16 and 50 workers work.
  3. For work centers where more than 50 workers work.

What are the main obligations of the employer?

  • Establish in writing, implement, maintain and disseminate a psychosocial risk prevention policy.
  • Identify and analyze risk factors and when applicable, evaluate the organizational environment.
  • Adopt measures to prevent and control risk factors, promote the favorable organizational environment.
  • Identify workers who were subject to severe traumatic events during or on the occasion of work and channel them for their attention.
  • Practice medical examinations and psychological evaluations of workers exposed to workplace violence and / or psychosocial risk factors, among others.

What are the main obligations of the worker?

  • Observe the prevention measures of NOM 035 and established by the employer to control, collaborate and prevent.
  • Refrain from carrying out practices contrary to the favorable organizational environment and acts of workplace violence.
  • Participate in the identification of risk factors and, where appropriate, in the evaluation of the organizational environment.
  • Report and denounce workplace violence and unfavorable environment practices through the means established by the employer and / or the safety and hygiene commission.
  • Participate in an information event provided by the employer.
  • Submit to medical examinations and psychological evaluations determined by NOM 035.

Who and how are psychosocial risk factors identified and analyzed?

  1. Work centers with 1 and up to 15 workers. They will not apply evaluations.
  2. Work centers with 16 to 50 workers. They must identify and analyze risk factors.
  3. Work centers with more than 50 workers. They should identify risk factors, evaluate the organizational environment.

What should the supportive organizational environment assessment understand?

Sense of belonging, training for the proper performance of tasks, precise definition of responsibilities for workers, proactive participation and communication between the employer, their representatives and workers, among others.

How is the favorable organizational environment to be assessed?

  • Through the questionnaires included in NOM 035.
  • Through previously validated questionnaires that have been prepared by the work centers. The results must be available for the consultation of workers, applied every two years and must be integrated into the diagnosis of safety and health at work referred to in the current NOM-030-STPS-2009.

What are the prevention measures and control actions?

  • Establish actions that promote social support, the dissemination of information and training.
  • Have safe and confidential mechanisms to receive complaints and to report acts of workplace violence.
  • Carry out actions that promote all the DOMAINS indicated above.

What will be the evaluation of the companies regarding compliance with NOM 035?

  • Inspection visits will be made by the STPS and by verification units, which will check the documentary files, records or interview of workers and medical or psychological examinations.
  • Documentary evidence and / or records must be kept for at least 1 year and non-compliance with this rule entails penalties of 250 to 5,000 times the Unit of Measure.
  • The labor authority and / or the verification units, in order to verify compliance with the provisions of NOM 035, may interview the workers.

What are the expected benefits with the application to NOM 035?

The standard will reduce work stress through a favorable work environment, will have highly proactive staff, with a sense of belonging, errors in production processes will be reduced, values ​​and organizational culture will be consolidated, customer service will be improved. , will prevent accidents and work illnesses and absenteeism will be reduced, among others.


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