In Graf Legal, S.C. we are committed to
  • Acting honestly, respecting the law.

  • Avoiding any conduct that might jeopardize the interests or the reputation of our clients, our firm or team members.

  • Constantly updating our professional expertise in order to be able to provide accurate advice.

  • Non-Discrimination based on gender, gender expression, age, race, color, religion, origin, disability, marital status, sexual orientation, etc.

  • Anti-Corruption: we do not commit or tolerate acts of corruption or bribery.

  • Taking care of the well-being and a healthy work-life balance of our team members.

  • A work environment free from unnecessary stress.

  • Unconditionally respecting the free will and the right to join organizations of our employees.

  • Handling personal and sensitive information with the utmost care and only for the purpose for which it has been obtained.

  • Guaranteeing that we will not participate in projects that threaten the integrity of our firm or our team members.

  • Abstaining from doing business with individuals or entities that have a history of illegal or unethical business practices.

  • Making sure that all actions and decisions made by the members of our team have the best interest of our clients and our business in mind. No team member must use their position within our firm to obtain personal benefits or benefits for family members or friends.

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